Wednesday, November 01, 2006

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Republican Voters: Accomplices In the Bloody Iraq War and Other GOP/Bush Atrocities

A major issue considered by historians has been to whom does retribution belong, evil despots and their henchmen alone or their countrymen that put them into power as well? Was Hitler to blame for the horrors of the Third Reich or did the blame go to the German people of his era who allowed him to ascend to power? Historians generally gave the nod to the people.

And, so it is today. All Republican voters consequently share the blood of slain and maimed young American soldiers dripping from the hands of George W. Bush and his Congressional allies that they put into office. These voters cannot escape the guilt of Bush's unnecessary, never-to-end, illegal preemptive Iraq War that was ill conceived and executed as well as hyped by a pack of lies about "weapons of mass destruction". Furthermore, these delusional voters are inadvertently responsible for the poor care and treatment of our troops by Bush's military such as the ravaging health effects from deploying "depleted uranium weapons", shortage of top quality body armor and armored vehicles, not providing enough potable water and food, as well as extending stays of duty in Iraq.

Republican voters are partners in corruption as each of their votes represents an "OK" for the many Republican scandals such as Senator Trent Lott's bigotry, Senator Tom Delay's campaign finance scam, Senate Leader Bill Frist's insider stock trading, super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff bribing Republicans in Congress, Cheney aide Scooter Libby's CIA agent leak, Congressman Tom Foley's pedophilia, and Speaker Dennis Hastert's subsequent cover-up.

Republican voters are also unwitting collaborators and enablers of other atrocities by Bush and his Congressional allies including their Republican "reform movement". They have resoundly sided with corporate interests thereby undercutting working Americans. While enriching their very wealthy constituency, they have cut social programs for the needy including ones for veterans. Bush and his Congressional allies have bankrupted the country with their unprecedented astronomical national deficit putting us in hock with China and other foreign countries. Using anti-terrorism as a pretense, they have passed the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act and the Military Commissions Act, which have done away with most of our Constitutional liberties. They are well on the way to transforming America's free open society into a corporate/military fascist dictatorship. Furthermore, Bush has announced the on-going development of the "North American Union" that would do away with the United States and enjoin its territory with that of Canada and Mexico to form a super regional political and economic entity to be ruled by a non-elected governance board.

It is not surprising that many regular Republican voters are now expressing regret for their past votes and are offering apologies. They personally sense history's retribution for the above Republican horrors. Bush's Republican Congressional allies and their "reform movement" must be rejected at the polls this midterm election.

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