Monday, April 25, 2005

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Wall Street Feathering Its Nest with Our Social Security!
If his Social Security Private Retirement Accounts are so great, why can't George W. Bush let them stand on their own merit to be spontaneously embraced by enthusiastic Americans instead of tyrannically ramming the accounts down their throats? Among his many maneuvers, Bush is fabricating the illusion of public acceptance by stomping the country conducting bogus town meetings with hand-picked and rehearsed local Republicans with all dissenters hustled off to distant 'free speech zones'. Furthermore, $Millions of corporate dollars are being funneled into Bush's crusade because of an expectant business and Wall Street windfall at the expense of a secure retirement for senior Americans. Even the brokers themselves are anticipating great personal wealth by siphoning off a quarter to a third of each retirement account for handling fees (Wall Street Journal). In spite of Bush's ad blitz, unenthused Americans aren't buying his private retirement accounts because they sense their pockets being lightened and recognize it as just another ruse for the Republican imperative of transferring wealth to their constituents, the corporations and the super-rich. Finally, George W. Bush has reluctantly admitted that privatizing would not add any funding to Social Security. And, when the last of the 'Baby Boomer' bulge cashes out, the market would suffer a tremendous drop with losses for the remaining holders of private retirement accounts.

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