Monday, October 24, 2005

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Underlying Republican Racism Sporadically Surfaces.

This veiled bigotry was recently betrayed by a racist slip from Republican matron Barbara Bush on NPR implying that the predominantly African-American New Orleans hurricane victims were welfare abusers after her son's administration was initially reluctant to send in federal aid resulting in unnecessary deaths and misery. George Bush eventually did send in troops however not so much for rescue, but to shield business properties from lingering residents.

Another surfacing of Republican bias was the on-air racist gaffe by GOP luminary Bill Bennett suggesting that crime reduction could be achieved by aborting more African-American fetuses.

And, a major outing of Republican racism occurred in 2002 when Senate GOP leader Trent Lott lost his post by praising 100 year old Strom Thurmond saying that if his 1948 segregationist presidential campaign were successful, "we wouldn't have had all of these problems over all of these years".

After the Democratic Party championed civil rights in the 1960's, Thurmond turned Republican, as the solid Democratic South in retribution became the solid Republican South and remains so today.

Since then, Republicans have made use of racism in their propaganda machine. Much of the hatred for their conceived enemy, the 'liberals', around which they have rallied their supporters, has been racial hatred. Look at the mileage they have gotten out of the term 'Welfare Queen'. Republican policies have made average Americans poor and have kept them down, and then they spewed hatred at them. Republicans have bristled at the thought of giving aid to down and out folks. They claimed it was bad for their character. But, as they proceeded to undercut social programs for the needy they had no qualms about giving billions in tax dollars as corporate welfare and tax breaks to their base, the wealthy. In affect, they have looted the U.S. treasury for their cronies.

Although, African-Americans have made great strides since the civil rights movement, racism remained a moving force in America. And, the effective use of it by the Republican Party partially explained the success of George Bush and other GOP candidates and the public's acquiescence to their devastating agenda.

Where's the outrage over Bush's lies to con the nation into an illegal never-ending war in Iraq causing the unnecessary death and maiming of thousands of American soldiers and making us more susceptible to terrorism? Where's the outrage over Bush's cutting aid to military families and veterans and coming up short with vital equipment for the troops in his war? Where's the outrage over Bush's unprecedented, stratospheric federal deficit that has put us in hock to China? And, where's the outrage over Bush's ransacking labor and his support for outsourcing good jobs and insourcing cheap workers? It goes on and on. It is if George Bush was put into power to bring America down.

The GOP has long employed racism as a wedge to divide America. However, Republican racism may now be losing its grip. Polls indicate that the country is waking up as Bush's approval ratings are plummeting. With the Bush movement generating so much pain, Americans are realizing that they are all in the same boat together.

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