Sunday, July 17, 2005

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The Next Terrorist Attack in America?
On July 11, millions tuning into George Noory's 'Coast To Coast AM' radio program heard that bin Laden's possession of nuclear weapons has been verified and that military, academic, press and intelligence sources all concur that a nuclear attack in the U.S. is imminent. Noory's guest, Former FBI consultant Paul L. Williams spoke about intelligence disclosing that al Qaeda has already smuggled in and positioned at least twenty nuclear weapons to be deployed simultaneously in N.Y., Chicago, L.A., Las Vegas, Miami and D.C. He said the suitcase nukes, likely in lead containers to make detection difficult, were slipped across the border from Mexico with the help of MS-13, the violent national Salvadoran gang.

If one of these 10-kiloton nuclear weapons went off in a city such as Los Angeles, it would take out at least a half-mile area. Following the impact, there'd be a 460 ft. tall fireball heated to 10 million degrees Celsius, which could rip through the city for miles. All our lives would be drastically changed forever. We would see the Constitution scrapped, martial law, Economic collapse, hunger in America, riots and civil war in America, the Middle East scorched, World War III and world dictatorship.

In his 2004 book, Osama's Revenge, Williams discusses reports from US, British, Pakistani and Israeli intelligence sources that Russian nuclear weapons may have been stolen during the chaos following the breakup of the USSR. Then, he presents evidence that the 'Chechen Mafia' acquired some of these portable nuclear weapons, and subsequently sold twenty of them to bin Laden representatives.

On the program, Williams cited factors leading us to this ominous position. First, revenge for what Bush's war policy has done to the Iraqi people is al Qaeda's motivation to kill potentially 40 million Americans in nuclear attacks. (Editor's note - It is 'tit for tat'. George Bush prolonging military presence in Iraq has made us much less safe.) Secondly, our porous borders and free access to American roads for Mexican trucks enable illegals to easily slip into the United States. (Editor's note - This breech in Homeland Security is allowed by George Bush in order to provide dirt cheap labor for big agri-business.) Furthermore, Williams named the small percentage of freight that is checked on ships and planes and the 'radical' mosques within the U.S. that harbor and foster terrorism. (Editor's note - George Bush has cut spending on Homeland Security despite all his ballyhoo about being the 'protection president'.)

Again, as before the 9/11 attacks, these warnings are being squelched. So, George Noory begged the mainstream media to pick up the story.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

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The Republicans Have Stolen the American Flag for Themselves Exclusively and Don't Want It Desecrated.
Periodically, the universality of the American flag is superseded when a cause of a politician or political party, usually on the right, is wrapped in the flag in order to associate its identity with the flag. In this situation, as exemplified by the Vietnam War era, an advocate expresses support for the unspoken supplanted cause by proudly flying the flag, while an opponent communicates his disdain for the cause by desecrating the flag, liken to burning in effigy. In our democracy, treatment of the flag is a form of free speech protected by the First Amendment as ruled by the Supreme Court in 1989. However, the Republicans are striving for a constitutional amendment banning flag desecration now that they have adopted the American flag as a symbol for George Bush, his Iraq War, his decimation of social programs and his "movement" to transform our democracy into a fascist corporate empire. They obviously are expecting dissent and are preparing to suppress it.

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