Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Note to Bush's Conservative Christian Base..

So, what's the big deal? Why is the Republican Party so adamant about violating the separation of church and state by displaying the Ten Commandments in governmental facilities? The Commandments certainly are not reflected in Republican policies and practices. Various Republican politicians are involved in corruption and dirty tricks, engage in election fraud, alter the truth, commit adultery, cut aid to the needy and veterans and wage unnecessary wars. It seems that they are trying to garner support from religious people by politicizing the symbol of the Ten Commandments, but rejecting their substance.

It's beyond me how folks that fancy themselves as Christians could support George Bush and his war in Iraq. Since the war has lasted longer than WWII and the situation just gets worse and worse with victory nowhere in sight, it's clear that God is not with us in Iraq. How could He be?

First, Bush told a pack of lies about Saddam possessing weapons of mass destruction and connections to al-Queda to deceive Congress and the American people into an unnecessary war. Iraq had long been under control by embargos and U.S. Air Force flyovers and was no threat to its neighbors as well as us. Bush's unprovoked, preemptive attack was both internationally illegal and immoral with the pope and other Christian leaders condemning him at the war's onset.

Then, there are other atrocities. Bush employed illegal torture and violated human rights in military prisons around the world. He deployed tons of weapons made of 'depleted uranium' from toxic nuclear waste, which are slowly killing scores of exposed American soldiers and Iraqis. The U.N. has classified them as real weapons of mass destruction and are forbidden by international law. In his pursuit of one man, thousands of innocent Iraqi babies have been killed and maimed. Apparently, it's wrong to kill (abort) American babies, but it's OK to kill Iraqi babies.

This war is all about greed. Securing the Iraqi oil fields for privatization by the oil companies was the object in its neo-con inception back in 1998 and remains the reason for today's continued occupation, which is generating the insurgent attacks and providing a rallying point for extremist mullahs. As thousands of our American soldiers are being killed and maimed, munitions manufacturers and war contractors such as Halliburton are reaping huge profits. While Bush gives big tax breaks to the well-heeled, he shorts the troops with needed war supplies including armored vests and vehicles and provides miserable medical care to the maimed and wounded.

By now, most Americans have seen the light and disapprove of Bush and his war. But, his conservative Christian base is still hanging on. In the Bible, Jesus prophesized that one day there would be those who say that 'I am Christ but will reject my teachings'. This prophecy is being fulfilled here. Each conservative Christian needs to consult his conscious and compare Bush's actions with the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus Christ and reconsider his support. Rock bottom poll numbers should prompt a pullout from Iraq.


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