Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It is as if America's current major economic meltdown is heavenly retribution for the destruction and carnage of the Iraq War. This religious metaphor however does have a basis in reality. Considering all the years of massive spending and debt creation for the Iraq War, at some point an economic meltdown was inevitable. It has been estimated that the Iraq War has cost $2 Billion a week, $12 Billion a month and will end up costing a grand total of $3 Trillion.

It is a carefully cultivated popular misconception that the Iraq War started in 2001 in response to the WTC attack. The truth is that it was in 1998 when this bloody, oil-grab crime was given birth by the Machiavellian mind of Dick Cheney. At that time, Cheney and his PNAC, a neo-con cabal which included future Bush White House officials and brother Jeb, lobbied President Clinton and Congress to preemptively hit Iraq.

His Afghanistan War is Obama's stimulus package for the Military-Industrial Complex. Government spending for disposable weapons enriches those in the war business, but does little for the rest of us. In addition to creating debt, war manufacturing doesn't produce useful goods that can be bought and sold in the arena of Capitalism to generate wealth and grow the economy.

Obama's war would likely be as expensive as the Iraq War. Nevertheless, Obama is now spinning the same golden-oldie recording of war drums for Afghanistan as did Bush and Cheney for Iraq and as did LBJ and Nixon for Vietnam. The lyrics are about protracted, non-winnable war with much loss of American life and limb as well as killer debt. Obama has to stop listening to the warmongers. Since we are broke and facing an out-of-control, mind-numbing national debt and mired in a deep economic meltdown, waging another Trillion Dollar war now would bring us to our knees. The terrorists plan to win the war on terror by sucking up our resources and imploding America from within. They would trap Obama in Afghanistan with endless waves of troops against which he would be forced to throw the lives and limbs of our youth, what's left of our economy, our liberties, our social programs and create a Vietnam era of turmoil. The warmongers say that we can't leave, but what we can't do is sacrifice America for Afghanistan.


Saturday, March 07, 2009


We all have heard the dictum that a businessman or lawyer could steal a whole lot more with a briefcase than could a mobster with a gun. The recent raiding of Wall Street bailout tax funds by executives for bonuses, golden parachutes, lavish vacations and private jets magnificently demonstrates the above. Our eloquent Vice-President said it for all of us, "Throw 'em in the brig!" These Wall Street bosses operated as if they were members of some sort of gentry and were not subject to the same laws as the rest of us. It isn't any wonder considering the aristocratic way the Bush administration and Congressional Republicans have catered to them with tax cuts for the rich and upward distribution of wealth, deregulation and lack-luster oversight as well as legislation tailor-made for profit with no concern for the resulting consequences to the American public. To maintain the moral fiber of our country, it is imperative that these thieves are treated as all other thieves and sentenced to real hard-time prisons and ordered to return the booty.


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