Friday, November 17, 2006

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The New Democratic Congress Must Demolish the "American Police State" that Bush Is Erecting.

It is paramount that the new Democratic Congress resists enticements from the corporate and military sectors to abandon its given mandate for "new direction" and degenerates into a mirror image of the old Republican "rubber stamp" Congress. This struggle is now being played out with anti-war Rep. John Murtha's bid to become House majority leader apposed by pro-war minority whip Rep. Steny Hoyer. Americans have voiced their demand that all of the Bush/GOP atrocities be vanquished, but particular importance is the dismantling, brick by brick, of Bush's "American police state" now under construction.

"Catastrophic Empowering Event" Initiating Bush's American Police State.

Throughout history, various politicos have utilized "Catastrophic Empowering Events" to incite their citizenry and coerce them into accepting undesirable agendas. Hitler torched the German Reichstag and blamed his opponents in a plot to eliminate them. FDR allowed the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor to thrust America into WWII. Then, there was George W. Bush and 9/11.

Back in 1998, Dick Cheney's group dubbed as the "Project for a New American Century" (Neo-Cons), which included Jeb Bush and subsequent major players in George W. Bush's administration, lobbied President Clinton and Congress to attack an already weakened Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein and build permanent U.S. bases in the oil-rich Middle East. As soon as Bush obtained the presidency in 2001, their quest for the long-sought-after Iraq War was on. But, Secretary of Defense Rumsfield bemoaned the fact that the American people probably wouldn't go for the illegal war without a "Catastrophic Empowering Event" to push it through. Then, with 'phenomenal luck', one of those events actually did happened just in the nick of time. It was as if government insiders were complicit with the 9/11 attacks so say the 'disputers' of the official story.

Disputing the Government's Official 9/11 Story

The official 9/11 account, which has been echoed throughout the mainstream media, is full of impossibilities and improbabilities according to the 'disputers'. The Bush administration claimed it had no prior warnings. However, the 'disputers' ask why then was Attorney General Ashcroft urged to stop using commercial flights and go private and why was there a 1200% increase in orders to sell-short airline stocks during the week before 9/11. Professional pilots have commented that they themselves couldn't fly the complex, computerized 757's without extensive specialized training and practice and that it was certainly impossible for foreign terrorists with nothing more than some flight lessons for small private aircraft to perform the flight maneuvers of 9/11. With Vice President Cheney controlling NORAD on 9/11, the 'disputers' believe that insider complicity was necessary for the terrorists to hit at a time the air force was in stand-down mode for war games simulating what was actually happening for real as well as the terrorists' hijacked planes going unfettered for over an hour without interception.

The 'disputers' say the facts don't support the government's official 9/11 story that the WTC towers collapsed because their steel super structures were softened by the jet fuel fires resulting from the plane crashes. Instead, the 'disputers' cite evidence that points to controlled-explosive demolitions set by government insiders as the real cause.

The above was just a small portion of the extensive and extraordinary evidence maintained by the growing ranks of Americans disputing the government's official 9/11 story. This evidence is made up of hard facts, not conspiracy theories as characterized by government apologists, and must be truly investigated by the new Democratic Congress.

Bush's "Reform Movement" Exploiting Terrorism

Even before his 9/11 "Empowering Event" occurred, Bush started his "reform movement" (as Republicans call it) to increase his powers and turn America's free, open society with equality for all into a corporate, fascist dictatorship with a rich ruling class and an oppressed, poor working class. His first move was to start building a 'big brother' style system of severe surveillance upon Americans. As soon as he obtained the presidency in January 2001, Bush ordered the National Security Agency in the Pentagon to launch an illegal domestic spy program. But, after his 9/11 "Empowering Event" and with the benefit of terrorism as an excuse he was able to make huge strides in grabbing power, creating his imperial presidency and destroying the federal government's system of checks and balances established by the founding fathers.

Bush/Republican anti-terrorism measures have far exceeded the scope of protection from terrorists and have unnecessarily advanced into grabbing power and slashing civil liberties, which appears to be their true purpose in the first place. The American electorate has demanded that the new Democratic Congress restores the balance of powers in the federal government and firmly reinstates our Constitutional civil liberties.

Other affronts to our liberties as part of his "reform movement" include Bush twice taking the White House with the help of Republican vote fraud. Among other infractions in election year 2000, thousands of voters sharing the surnames of black convicts were removed from voter registration rolls in Florida. In 2004, the wide variances between some exit polls and the 'official' counts in favor of Bush were declared by experts to be statistically impossible. Also, Bush has expanded his powers by persistently using his Constitutional prerogative of 'signings', which are statements added to Congressionally passed bills to the effect that he personally isn't bound by them as he pens his signature. Furthermore, major telecommunication corporations have bribed Congress to do away with the Internet law of 'net-neutrality' to eliminate free speech on the Internet and shut down the online alternative news-sites critical of Bush and the Republicans. American voters insist that the new Democratic Congress investigates and outlaws the various means of election fraud such as hackable, paperless computer voting machines and maintains free speech on the Internet by supporting 'net-neutrality'.

Martial Law

To where is all the above leading? It would appear that the Bush administration is preparing for martial law. Bush has signed executive orders giving himself sole authority to impose martial law and suspend habeas corpus with no checks and balances during a national emergency. The Pentagon has ordered U.S. Northern Command at Peterson Air Force Base to prepare a series of secret strategies for rapid military takeover of the U.S. upon Bush's orders. General Tommy Franks said in 2003 that after a major casualty-producing event in the Western world, Americans would "question our own Constitution" and consent to militarization of the United States for security. Homeland Security gave Halliburton a $385 million dollar contract to construct detention facilities around the country supposedly for a national emergency. Remember, Bush's predilection for interment camps was demonstrated during the 2004 Republican Convention when 1,806 protestors were rounded up, imprisoned without charges and kept in filthy conditions for 24 hours or more. The American electorate opposes martial law and demands that the new Democratic Congress rejects it.

"North American Union"

Bush isn't content with just turning the United States alone into a dictatorship. In March 2005, He emerged from a meeting at Baylor University with Mexican President Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Martin and announced that the North American continent was in the process of being transformed from three sovereign nations into one super regional political and economic entity dubbed the "North American Union". As early as 2010, boundaries will be redefined so immigration control will be around the three countries and not between them and legitimate traffic can be streamlined across their borders. Soon, a non-elected governance board for the "North American Union" will be formed along with a tribunal with supremacy over the U.S. Supreme Court and a customs and immigration service with authority over U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement within the 'DHS'. Public discourse as well as a vote within each nation as to the will of the people has been disallowed. The formation of the "North American Union" has been under wraps with 'mums' the word from the mainstream media. Thus, very few Americans know about it. Even Congressional requests for information have been denied. The driving forces are military and corporate (Eisenhower's military-industrial complex) and their goal is to create an enormous despotic police state not for the benefit of the people but their self-serving pursuit of extreme greed and power. They will use anti-terrorism as the ruse and strip civil liberties from citizens to squash dissent. Americans clearly desire the continued existence of the democratic USA for themselves, their children, grandchildren and all their future prodigy and insist that the new Democratic Congress squashes Bush's fascist "North American Union".

Maintain A Backbone

The American electorate has handed a mandate to the new Democratic Congress. We are opposed to Bush's "staying the course" in Iraq and instead want quickly out of his illegal bloody war. Also, we are fed up with Bush's "cut and run" at-home agenda of power grabs and assaults on the Constitution and Bill of Rights under the guise of anti-terrorism. Actually, by slashing our liberties and building a police state, he only hands over victory to the terrorists because, as he says, "they hate our freedoms". We Americans have told Democrats that we don't want to live under the yoke of tyranny and insist they stand strong together as an entrenched unit protecting our free way of life against the corruptive influences of self-serving corporate and military interests.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

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Republican Voters: Accomplices In the Bloody Iraq War and Other GOP/Bush Atrocities

A major issue considered by historians has been to whom does retribution belong, evil despots and their henchmen alone or their countrymen that put them into power as well? Was Hitler to blame for the horrors of the Third Reich or did the blame go to the German people of his era who allowed him to ascend to power? Historians generally gave the nod to the people.

And, so it is today. All Republican voters consequently share the blood of slain and maimed young American soldiers dripping from the hands of George W. Bush and his Congressional allies that they put into office. These voters cannot escape the guilt of Bush's unnecessary, never-to-end, illegal preemptive Iraq War that was ill conceived and executed as well as hyped by a pack of lies about "weapons of mass destruction". Furthermore, these delusional voters are inadvertently responsible for the poor care and treatment of our troops by Bush's military such as the ravaging health effects from deploying "depleted uranium weapons", shortage of top quality body armor and armored vehicles, not providing enough potable water and food, as well as extending stays of duty in Iraq.

Republican voters are partners in corruption as each of their votes represents an "OK" for the many Republican scandals such as Senator Trent Lott's bigotry, Senator Tom Delay's campaign finance scam, Senate Leader Bill Frist's insider stock trading, super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff bribing Republicans in Congress, Cheney aide Scooter Libby's CIA agent leak, Congressman Tom Foley's pedophilia, and Speaker Dennis Hastert's subsequent cover-up.

Republican voters are also unwitting collaborators and enablers of other atrocities by Bush and his Congressional allies including their Republican "reform movement". They have resoundly sided with corporate interests thereby undercutting working Americans. While enriching their very wealthy constituency, they have cut social programs for the needy including ones for veterans. Bush and his Congressional allies have bankrupted the country with their unprecedented astronomical national deficit putting us in hock with China and other foreign countries. Using anti-terrorism as a pretense, they have passed the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act and the Military Commissions Act, which have done away with most of our Constitutional liberties. They are well on the way to transforming America's free open society into a corporate/military fascist dictatorship. Furthermore, Bush has announced the on-going development of the "North American Union" that would do away with the United States and enjoin its territory with that of Canada and Mexico to form a super regional political and economic entity to be ruled by a non-elected governance board.

It is not surprising that many regular Republican voters are now expressing regret for their past votes and are offering apologies. They personally sense history's retribution for the above Republican horrors. Bush's Republican Congressional allies and their "reform movement" must be rejected at the polls this midterm election.

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