Wednesday, February 23, 2005

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The Way of the 'Right' is to Create Fear in the Hearts and Minds of Men.

Right wing rulers employ fear mongering that compels populations into acquiescence to agendas that are against their best interests. Minor matters blown out of proportion as well as downright lies are repeatedly regurgitated until the public perceives them as truths. Examples of this 'Big Lie Technique' are Bush's claims of Iraqi WMD's and Saddam's 9/11 involvement.

Now, George W. Bush is trying to sell the whopper that Social Security is in a crisis. He is trying to inflate Social Security's need for minor adjustments into claims of total bankruptcy by 2042 without his major 'reforms' of insecure 'private retirement accounts' and reduced benefits. Actually, the Congressional Budget Office has said IF NOTHING IS DONE AT ALL, SOCIAL SECURITY WILL STILL BE ABLE TO PAY SENIORS IN 2042 MORE THAN IT DOES TODAY IN CONSTANT DOLLARS! Nevertheless, Bush has enlisted Republicans in Congress, Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, the Republican controlled press, Republican TV and radio talk show hosts and strong-armed Social Security management into echoing his 'Big Lie'.

The programs of George W. Bush have a duality. We are presented with an innocent false face that is usually harboring a true objective, which inadvertently enriches the wealthy and corporate while beating down working Americans. And, his Social Security scheme is no exception. It is designed to kill Social Security by diverting its funding to the stock market.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

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George W. Bush Plans to 'Save' Social Security By Decimating It.
The big 'fear lie' of Bush's first term was the claim of WMD's in Iraq and Saddam's involvement with the 9/11 attacks. The big 'fear lie' of his second term is that Social Security will be completely bankrupt by the year 2042. In fact, George W. Bush devoted his State of the Union speech trying to stampede the nation into a phony sense of crisis over Social Security. The truth is that it is not in trouble. According to the Congressional Budget Office, IF NOTHING IS DONE AT ALL, SOCIAL SECURITY WILL STILL BE ABLE TO PAY SENIORS IN 2042 MORE THAN IT DOES TODAY IN CONSTANT DOLLARS!! Bush's fabricated disaster is based on the need for minor adjustments to the system in order to maintain all promised benefits by 2042. And, merely lifting the cap on FICA taxes now at $90,000 would be such a minor adjustment that would do the job.

Bush's elaborate scheme for individuals to divert some of their Social Security taxes into insecure private investment accounts would not provide for any shortfall. In fact, it would cut benefits by 46% and necessary borrowing to start up the accounts would add $2 Trillion to Bush's already stratospheric federal deficit. So, what's behind this ad blitz for this boondoggle? First, the corporate cronies of George W. Bush would be a washed in stock market money. But more importantly, the scheme would massively drain funding for Social Security and truly bring it to its knees. Republicans have hated Social Security from its inception, and having gained control of the federal government and the press, they can now kill it.

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