Thursday, September 30, 2004

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al-Qaeda Is on Record Hoping for a Bush Win because His Actions in Iraq Are Inadvertently Advancing Terrorist Objectives.
In contrast, top White House officials are misleading the electorate with the canard that al-Qaeda fears George Bush because of his gung-ho preemptive Iraq war and is escalating insurgent attacks to insure his defeat. These Republicans are saying whatever they can to scare Americans into voting George Bush back into office. Chief fear monger, V.P. Dick Cheney, declared that if John Kerry is elected, "The danger is that we'll get hit again." *** Furthermore, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage asserted that insurgents have stepped up their deadly assaults in Iraq because they want to "influence the election against President Bush." Also, House Speaker Dennis Hastert said, "al-Qaeda would like to influence this election" and that the terrorist group wants Sen. John Kerry to win. However, not one cited any evidence for their accusations.

The truth is that hatred throughout the Middle East fostered by Bush's Iraq war is generating countless terrorist recruits. Thus, following the Madrid bombings, al-Qaeda announced, "The organization hoped George Bush would win reelection because he acts with force rather than wisdom or shrewdness, and it is his religious fanaticism that will rouse our (Islamic) nation. Being targeted by an enemy is what will wake us from our slumber." (Arabic news web site www.elaph.com).

Cairo based Journalist Max Rodenbeck writes in 'The Economist', "The underlining objective of bin Laden and his followers is to radically reform Islam. Attacking America and its allies is merely a tactic to rally other Muslims to their cause." According to an anonymous security agent, "I am very sure (al-Qaeda) can't have a better administration for them than the one they have now." He said, "One way to keep the Republicans in power is to mount an attack that would rally the country around the president."

Bush has politicized WTC 911 and the war on terrorism claiming that only he can insure America's national security. But, quite to the contrary, he has been inept and ignorant of the realities in Iraq and mismanaged the war into a disaster with thousands of young Americans getting killed and maimed. W. Andrew Terrill, professor at the Army War College's strategic studies institute - and the top expert on Iraq there said, "The anti-US insurgency is expanding and becoming more capable as a consequence of US policy. The longer we stay, the more they are hostile to the US presence. The idea there are X number of insurgents, and that when they're all dead we can get out is wrong. The insurgency has shown an ability to regenerate itself because there are people willing to fill the ranks of those who are killed." Terrill explained, "Most Iraqis consider us occupiers, not liberators. And, if you are a Muslim and the community is under occupation by a non-Islamic power it becomes a religious requirement to resist that occupation."

Furthermore, George Bush cites his war in Afghanistan as a success of his global leadership, but he stupidly let it slip through his fingers. USA Today reported that he shifted "resources from Afghanistan to the Iraq war , allowing the terrorists and Taliban to regroup." The resulting violence forced the United Nations to evacuate after a mob turned international aid facilities into smoldering, looted ruins. President Kara's government has little authority outside the city of Kabul, while warlords and the reconstituted Taliban control the countryside. The $2.2billion Afghanistan opium trade is still booming with profits going to terrorists worldwide. And, the U.S. has not captured Osama bin Laden nor other top al-Qaeda leaders who are thought to still be directing attacks in Afghanistan and possibly planning large scale terror attacks against the U.S.
***Incidentally, Cheney's own national security record, as HALLIBURTON CEO, is contemptible as he evaded U.S. trade sanction laws and illegally did business with Iran and Saddam Hussein. He even traveled abroad to attack U.S counter-terrorism policies against Iran because they were getting in the way of his oil business.***

Thursday, September 16, 2004

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George Bush Is Stealing the American Dream from the Working Class.
The main mission of George Bush as president has been to deregulate and increase profits of the multi-national corporations, and in this pursuit he has undercut working Americans. First, he has approved of devastating pay rates by offshoring jobs out of the country and even supported giving tax breaks to companies for doing so. Furthermore, he has allowed companies right here in the U.S. to import cheap foreign workers to be trained by the same American workers they are replacing. George Bush opposed negotiating workers' rights into so-called 'free' trade agreements. He killed the first job safety standards for carpal tunnel syndrome. He appointed outspoken opponents of workers' rights to federal judgeships and the NLRB. Bush privatized thousands of federal jobs and abolished collective bargaining rights for thousands more. He refused to raise the minimum wage, extend unemployment insurance and cut funds for job training and dislocated worker programs. Finally, he presented industry with the 'crown jewels' of his achievements, the Bush overtime pay law eliminating the 40 hour week with overtime protection for many Americans.
In his acceptance speech at the Republican Convention 2004, George Bush laid out the Republican vision of the future fate of the American working family. He talked about both spouses working and how they will frequently lose their jobs due to offshoring and have to repeatedly start again at the bottom at the lowest pay. There goes the 'American Dream' with no more working oneself up the ladder to a good paycheck. Furthermore, he ignores the propensity of employers to reject new hires that have reached the age of 45 or older in favor of younger, more active ones. We must let George Bush know that this scenario isn't acceptable by voting him out of office this November.

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