Monday, June 14, 2004

George Bush Is Playing Right into the Hands of the Terrorists.Back in 1998, the 'Neo-cons' now running Bush's White House, along with brother Jeb, lobbied for war in Iraq. So, Osama bin Laden and other terrorists weren't surprised by Bush's preemptive attack on Iraq and saw a golden opportunity to take America down. They knew that the neo-con hawks would 'stay the course' in order to save face and save Bush's political butt. Furthermore, they knew that major GOP contributors in the 'Military Industrial Complex' were screaming for a feeding. Thus, the terrorists were inspired to trap Bush in Iraq with endless waves of foreign insurgents against which he would throw the lives and limbs of our youth, a huge hunk of our economy, our liberties, our social programs, and create a Vietnam War era level of turmoil. George Bush and his cronies say that we can't leave Iraq to the Iraqis, but what we can't do is sacrifice America for Iraq.

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