Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bush Sacrifice

Although the majority of his field generals, Congress, his dad's friends and the American people had rejected the idea, saying it wouldn't make any difference, Bush has started sending 21,500 additional troops into Iraq to escalate his bloody war. He acts as if he were a spoiled rich kid that doesn't take no for an answer and demands everything he wants. Of course, this is the case.

A person with such limited 'personal assets' would naturally be doomed to repeat his mistakes. He hasn't the capacity to think out of the box and go in a different direction. Instead, he had his speechwriters repackage the escalation of his failed modus operandi of killing off insurgents as a new idea. As a result, many of the 21,500 new troops will be killed and maimed unnecessarily.

And, once again he propagates fear to sell this folly to the American people. He warns that chaos would ensue if U.S. troops in Iraq were sent home. But, this chaos is already raging as his war morphs into civil war. Actually, Bush initiated the chaos himself back when he lied about weapons of mass destruction to justify preemptively attacking Iraq and securing the oil fields for the oil companies. Polls indicate that the Iraqis see us as occupiers, not liberators. So, the most effective thing that can be done to stem chaos is to leave.

Bush repeatedly exclaims that 'we are at war'. This is for military families and not big business. In WWII, many corporate executives became dollar-a-year men to avoid the image of profiteering from the war. Conversely, during Bush's war, CEOs are reaping head-spinning compensations of hundreds of millions of dollars. Furthermore, the practice of off-shoring good paying U.S jobs for corporate profit is still unchecked in spite of the war. Any loss of expertise, manufacturing capacity and any other weakening of the country is clearly an act of treason particularly in wartime. Consider the shameful scenario of reservists finally returning home to find that their jobs have been shipped off to China. Actually, China may become the big winner in this war when it calls in its markers for the trillions of dollars in Iraq War debt that it has covered.


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