Friday, July 30, 2004

The 'Right' Has Employed Bigotry and Injustice Throughout History as well as War to Grab Power. Playing on ignorance, the 'Right' has focused fear and hate upon minority groups to attract allegiance. Hitler targeted Jews, Southern Segregationists targeted Blacks and Middle Eastern Islamic Militant Groups targeted non-Muslims. Typical of right-wingers, George Bush has rallied support for his 'Neo-Con' war regime by fostering fears of terrorism as well as rousing fears and hatred of gays by demonizing and undercutting them. In addition to pressing for a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, George Bush has authorized firing gay government employees for just being gay and removing tens of thousands of gay soldiers from the military, necessitating the call-up of veterans. Bigots over time have usually found vindication from some sort of religious dogma which is true for today's Republican Religious Right. They point to Biblical condemnations of homosexuals while hypocritically ignoring scriptures denouncing usurers (bankers) and public prayer. Unfortunately for them, the U.S. is not a theocracy and enjoys the separation of church and state. The 'gay bashing' of George Bush is clearly a violation of civil and human rights and jeopardizes the rights of all minorities until he is voted out.

Monday, July 05, 2004

The George Bush Agenda Is a 'Raw Deal' for Young Voters.George Bush and his 'neo-con' supporters made changes in American foreign policy since 9/11. They abandoned America's honorable image as an instrument of moral authority and inspiration and replaced it with the first pillar of the George Bush agenda, an 'Aggressive World Policy' in which the U.S. dominates all parts of the globe with its incomparable military might. The opening salvo was to concoct a pack of lies exploiting fears of terrorism to deceive the American people into accepting a preemptive war in Iraq. This war, in turn, has spurred unprecedented world hatred towards the U.S. and has recruited countless new terrorists. America's young people are doomed to be drafted into shooting galleries around the world for years to come. 'Abolishing Constitutional Liberties' is another pillar of the George Bush agenda that was initiated by exploiting fears of terrorism. Bush pressed the U.S. Congress to pass the Patriot Act curtailing privacy rights and now wants it renewed along with additional patriot acts. Furthermore, constitutional lawyers are concerned that Republican control of the three branches of the federal government has enabled George Bush to amass more powers than he is authorized to have by the US Constitution. Also, Tom Ridge admitted that Bush would instate the martial law plans for America in the event of another world trade center attack. The third pillar of the George Bush agenda is the 'Corporization of America' in which industry profit interests override the well being of the American people. Bush is kowtowing to business by decimating the code of government regulations, as in rolling back pollution limits, and weakening labor protections, such as installing new overtime laws that would slash the take home pay of working Americans. And, he encourages outsourcing white-collar jobs in addition to high-paying manufacturing jobs overseas as well as importing sub-slave alien workers. The fourth pillar of the George Bush agenda is 'Cutting Domestic and Social Programs', such as Social Security, that are needed more than ever in the light of lost opportunities. In his first term, George Bush has seriously devastated the future of young Americans even while being restrained with concerns of losing voter support for a second term. If he does wrangle a second term, his last election, he could care less what voters think and be unrestrained on the amount of destruction he could bestow upon the youth of our nation.

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