Tuesday, April 27, 2004

George Bush Lies Are Responsible for Iraq War Casualties.George Bush attacked Iraq for colonization and not fighting terrorism. Back in 1998, the current Vice President, Sec. of Defense, Asst. Sec. of Defense, brother Jeb and other Bush 'neo-con' aides lobbied Congress and President Clinton for a more aggressive foreign policy in which an already weakened Iraq would be conquered and colonized to become a sphere of U.S. military dominance with four U.S. bases in the oil rich Middle East. Our military would then control the oil spigot upon which our EU rivals are dependant, thus explaining U.N. reluctance. We know that the Iraq war was discussed since Bush's first days in office and that Rumsfield said that they needed a Pearl Harbor to sell it to the American people. Then, just by eerie coincidence, the World Trade Center was struck and terrorism became the subterfuge for their war. It is suspicious that, even after enumerable warnings, the air force was stood down while three known hijacked airliners were unfettered for an hour inside the normally most protected corridor in the U.S. Also, it is unbelievable that the Pentagon could ever be hit. Furthermore, the FBI knew beforehand the attack would be soon, would involve airliners and the general area that would be targeted because they warned Ashcroft to stop flying commercial. The insurgents/terrorists killing and maiming young Americans were spawned and spurred to Iraq in response to Bush's preemptive attack and continued presence. With the course of the war and hatred for America both escalating, it is time to forego delusions of colonization and bring in the U.N. to replace our troops for stabilizing the country. We need some of those $Billions being squandered on Iraq to bolster our currently under funded homeland security. And, we need the reservists in Iraq to be sent home to protect our borders from terrorism. If we have another World Trade Center type attack, that blood will also be on Bush's hands.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The U.S. Military Draft Would Likely Be Reinstated if George Bush Were Elected in 2004.Gen. Wesley Clark said he decided to run for president after learning of Bush's plans to attack more Middle East nations following the Iraq war. The resulting neces- sity to revive the draft is being kept secret for the political survival of George Bush. But, forebodings abide with frequently broadcasted concerns about inadequate troop levels while thousands of insurgents from other Islamic countries intent on killing our troops are daily entering Iraq. Bush's billion dollars a day Iraq war was supposed to eradicate terrorists and not generate tens of thousands more. However, this 1998 conceived war is not about terrorism. Instead, as Gen. Wesley Clark learned, it is the disguised first phase of George Bush building his corporate American empire. Meanwhile, U.S. borders remain almost as porous for terrorists before the World Trade Center attack because resources earmarked for the war against terrorism are being diverted to Iraq. So, a vote for George Bush is a vote for our kids to be thrust into shooting galleries around the world.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

George Bush and His Corporate Cronies Say It's the Barbecue Rotisserie for Working Americans. Unconcerned about the economic consequences of job offshoring facing American workers, George Bush signed a report supporting shifting U.S. jobs overseas. (Incidentally, the biggest job exporters contributed $3.6 Million to Republicans.) Manufacturing jobs have been so badly hit that the 'Made in America logo" is hard to find on store shelves. Bush's solution is to classify fast food jobs as manufacturing. Now, offshoring white collar jobs and tech jobs has begun zealously. Bush aides nervously promise that Americans will eventually benefit. But, the chance of it ever happening is dependant on the improbability of a slue of dubious economic theories all coming to fruition along with full employment, world-wide. In addition, thousands more U.S. workers are being cut out of the American pie by the current corporate mythology of 'downsizing increases profitability' with the survivors struggling to do the work of two. Bush's corporate cronies are allowed foreign incorporation in order to dump their tax loads on working Americans and to relax their air pollution and water pollution limits, increasing sickness in America. Finally, George Bush and the Republican Congress are attempting to impoverish and make politically impotent American workers by attacking protective labor laws and objecting to a union using dues as political contributions. However, they fully support corporate contributions with stockholder investments, citing free speech recognition.

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