Monday, August 09, 2004

Inept George Bush Smears Sen. John Kerry as the War in Iraq Flounders.According to Robert Fisk, the London Independent correspondent in Baghdad, 'more and more of Iraq is falling outside of occupation control'. George Bush lies supporting the war were followed by inept management of the war resulting in thousands of American Iraq war casualties, world hate creating countless new terrorists and a missing $8.8 Billion in war funds. No wonder the desperate George Bush is bombarding the country with the lie that Sen. John Kerry didn't vote to 'support our troops'. He is twisting the fact that the Senator voted for war appropriations to be financed by rolling back tax cuts for the very richest Americans and plugging corporate tax loopholes instead of supporting Bush's fiscally irresponsible bill that would add $86 Billon to the already record deficit. Since George Bush did receive his version of the appropriation bill, the pertinent question is did the bulk of it go to our soldiers or did the war industries take it as profit? The corporations win because our troops have been shafted. Supplies such as pure drinking water, military body armor and armored vehicles have come up short. Living quarters have been squalid having housed many injured soldiers languishing for days and weeks before receiving proper medical attention. Our soldiers have had to replace out of their own pockets inferior army issue with more dependable equipment such as communication radios. And, families back home have run fundraisers to send their sons and daughters needed items such as air conditioners and flack jackets. Furthermore, this insult is added to the injury of Bush cutting financial support for military families and veterans. It is clear that George Bush is the one who has failed to 'support our troops' and needs to be replaced by a new Commander in Chief.

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